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Nor Crane Service Department

Nor Crane have a strong team of multi discipline engineers and technicians that has specialized itself on following activities within Mechanical, Electrical and Mechanical works related to winches and cranes:

  •     Trouble shootingservices1
  •     Component/Product Improvement
  •     Re Design
  •     Refurbishment of hydrailic Cylinders, Hydraulic Motors and Pumps
  •     Piping & Tubing
  •     Testing of winches in own test bench up to 300 Tons
  •     Instrument & Automation
  •     Electrical System Installation &l repairs
  •     Supply and Installation of alarm and monitoring system for Diesel engine, generating set.

In addition to the above mentioned services an experienced team within pre-commissioning work as:

  •     Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  •     Chemical Cleaning
  •     Hot Oil Flushing
  •     Inspection
  •     Electrical & Hydraulic Testing of umbilical lines
  •     Bolt Tensioning