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About Nor Crane

Nor Crane was established in 2004 as a engineering company from pulling and lifting technology for the marine and offshore support industry.powerpack

The company was formed by experienced engineers with more than 30 years experience with the winch and crane industry and broad network of steel contracting as well as established relationship with many of the major supplier of well-known components.

With the combined experience and expertise of a small and strong dedicated team, Nor Crane was able to immemdiately established itself as a manufacturer and positioned Nor Crane as one on the largest leading manufacturer with its equipment range.

Nor Crane specializes in:

  • Engineering
  • Subcontracting incl. Mechanical completion and testing
  • Quality Control during subcontracting
  • Commissioning and Final Handover



Nor Crane is one of the leading manufacturer within
its equipment range.